Enhancing Your 2022+ Subaru WRX: The Advantages of License Plate Relocation Kits

Enhancing Your 2022+ Subaru WRX: The Advantages of License Plate Relocation Kits

by Sales Support on November 17, 2023 Categories: News

Enhancing Your 2022+ Subaru WRX: The Advantages of License Plate Relocation Kits


The 2022 Subaru WRX, a remarkable blend of performance and aesthetics, deserves every bit of care and attention. One aspect that often poses a dilemma for car enthusiasts is the mandatory front license plate installation, which, in many cases, requires drilling into the car's front bumper. This is where License Plate Relocation Kits come in as a game changer.

The Problem with Standard License Plate Installation:

For the 2022+ Subaru WRX models, the standard front license plate installation involves mounting the plate directly in the center of the front bumper. This not only disrupts the car's sleek look but also presents functional drawbacks. It creates wind resistance and blocks critical airflow to the radiator, which is essential for maintaining optimal engine temperature.

The Solution: License Plate Relocation Kits:

License Plate Relocation Kits offer a simple yet effective solution to this problem. These kits, designed specifically for the 2022+ Subaru WRX, allow for relocating the license plate without drilling holes in the front bumper. They mount to the OEM front tow hook location, ensuring no permanent modifications are required.

Key Benefits:

  1. Easy Installation: The kits can be installed in under 15 minutes and include all necessary hardware for a hassle-free setup.
  2. Seamless Design: By mounting to the OEM tow hook location, these kits allow for a direct fit that complements the contours of your bumper, offering a clean, integrated look.
  3. Improved Aerodynamics: Relocating the plate to the side and angling it to follow the body lines helps reduce wind resistance. This adjustment also frees up space in the center to allow critical airflow to reach the radiator, aiding in better engine cooling.
  4. High-Quality Materials: Fabricated from high-strength 6061 aluminum, these kits are built for durability and longevity.

Top License Plate Relocation Kits for 2022+ Subaru WRX:



For 2022+ Subaru WRX owners, a License Plate Relocation Kit is more than just an accessory; it's a smart investment to protect and enhance your vehicle. By opting for one of these kits, you ensure your car remains compliant with the law while preserving its aesthetics and performance integrity.

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